Silver Minerals Plus
Silver Minerals Plus
Silver Minerals Plus
Silver Minerals Plus
Silver Minerals Plus
Silver Minerals Plus
Silver Minerals Plus
Silver Minerals Plus

Silver Minerals Plus


Simplify Your Wellness Routine With Silver Minerals

Why You Need Silver Minerals Plus 3-in-1 Mineral Powerhouse

Silver Minerals Plus is your all-in-one solution. With a powerful blend of nano colloidal silver, 72+ plant-based minerals, and 20 essential amino acids, achieving optimal health has never been easier. Experience maximum absorption and effectiveness with our liquid supplement. From boosting immunity to promoting healing for cuts and burns, Silver Minerals Plus is your go-to for wellness. Plus, it's pet-friendly and can be used for washing fruits and veggies. Made with pure, organic ingredients and manufactured in the USA under strict GMP standards, this is the ultimate 3-in-1 mineral powerhouse.

Simplify Your Wellness Routine

Our all-in-one formula combines the power of nano colloidal silver, plant-based minerals, and essential amino acids for optimal health in one convenient solution.

Maximum Absorption and Effectiveness

Our proprietary blend is the ultimate for immunity, prevention and protection. Silver Minerals Plus is effective topically for cuts, burns, wounds and various skin conditions.

Immunity, Prevention and Protection

Our 3-in-1 mineral powerhouse supports your immune system, helps prevent illness, and provides protection for your overall health.

Hear from our happy, health customers

I have been in a good mood every day since starting SMP


I’ve noticed that I don’t have as many cravings since I started taking this.


I feel so much better and haven’t been getting sick like I was.


Silver Minerals Plus cleared up my rash overnight! It’s amazing!


I have more energy and can focus so much better since I started Silver Minerals Plus


I feel more relaxed and focused, I’m not going to stop taking this stuff!


I just feel better, different, a good kind of different!

K. B.

Our Ingredients: Pure, Safe, Quality Sourced

Colloidal Silver

Hey there, silver lover! Tired of juggling multiple supplements to maintain your well-being? Look no further! Silver Minerals Plus Colloidal Silver is the game-changing trifecta your medicine cabinet desperately needs.

Discover the remarkable benefits of colloidal silver:
1.) Radiant Skin: Say goodbye to skin woes! Colloidal silver's anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties promote healthy, clear skin.
2.) Nature's Antibiotic, Immune Support: Boost your immune system and unleash your inner champion with colloidal silver.
3.) Respiratory Health: Breathe easy during cold and flu season with colloidal silver's respiratory support.
4.) Promotes Digestive Health: Colloidal silver can support a healthy digestive system by combating harmful bacteria and promoting a balanced gut microbiome.
5.) Accelerates Wound Healing: Harness the healing power of colloidal silver to speed up the recovery process for cuts, scrapes, and wounds. It helps prevent infection and supports tissue regeneration. Hospitals harness the power of silver to aid burn victims, leveraging its antimicrobial properties to prevent infection and support faster healing.
6.) Eases Allergies and Sinus Issues: Experience relief from allergies and sinus problems with colloidal silver's anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce congestion and support a clearer respiratory system.
7.) Supports Oral Health: Combat oral bacteria and promote a healthy mouth by using colloidal silver as a mouth rinse or gargle. It can aid in fighting bad breath, plaque buildup, and gum issues.
8.) Natural Antifungal Properties: Colloidal silver's antifungal properties make it a valuable ally against common fungal infections, such as athlete's foot or nail fungus.

But how does it work, you ask? When exposed to colloidal silver, no disease-causing organism can survive. It suffocates and annihilates pathogens, leaving no chance for them to multiply or endure. Best of all, it doesn't foster immunity or resistance in harmful organisms like common antibiotics do.

Rest assured, our colloidal silver is completely natural and safe to use. At Silver Minerals Plus, we take silver to the next level. Our Colloidal Silver is crafted from submicroscopic nano-particles of 99.99% pure silver.

But wait, there's more! We enhance its power by combining it with our Chelated Fulvic Minerals, a blend of 72+ organic plant-based minerals and 20 essential amino acids, to ensure maximum effectiveness and absorption.Using colloidal silver is a breeze! Just two teaspoons a day unleash its magic.

And guess what? It's not just for internal use. Treat cuts, burns, cold sores, andmore with this all-around miracle-worker.Don't wait any longer! Embrace the wonders of colloidal silver and keep it on hand for life's little mishaps.

Experience the miracles for yourself with Silver Minerals Plus Colloidal Silver—the ultimate health powerhouse!

Achieve Optimal Health with Silver Minerals Plus 3-in-1 Mineral Powerhouse

Boost Immunity

Fortify your body's defense system with the power of Silver Minerals Plus, supporting your immune response and resilience.*

Enhance Energy

Recharge your vitality with a potent blend of 72+ minerals and 20 essential amino acids found in Silver Minerals Plus, unlocking a wellspring of energy.*

Improve Digestion

Support optimal digestion and nutrient absorption with the mineral-rich formula of Silver Minerals Plus, promoting a healthy gut.*

Strengthen Bones and Teeth

Silver Minerals Plus provides essential minerals crucial for bone and dental health, helping to fortify your skeletal structure.*

Promote Mental Clarity

Experience enhanced mental focus and clarity as the vital minerals in Silver Minerals Plus support cognitive function.*

Improve Sleep Quality

Experience more restful and rejuvenating sleep as Silver Minerals Plus aids in relaxation and promotes a healthy sleep cycle.

Reduce Cravings

Address potential mineral deficiencies that may contribute to food cravings with the comprehensive mineral content of Silver Minerals Plus. *

Support Healthy Hair, Skin, and Nails

Nourish your external beauty from within as the minerals and amino acids in Silver Minerals Plus promote vibrant hair, glowing skin, and strong nails. *

Aid in Detoxification

Silver Minerals Plus assists your body's natural detoxification processes, supporting the elimination of harmful toxins.*

Balance Mood & Stress Levels

Support emotional well-being with the essential amino acids in Silver Minerals Plus, helping to balance mood and reduce stress.*

Alleviate Inflammation

Harness the anti-inflammatory properties of Silver Minerals Plus to help reduce inflammation and support overall well-being.*

Enhance Athletic Performance

Optimize your physical performance with the powerful combination of minerals and amino acids in Silver Minerals Plus, supporting muscle function and recovery.*

Support Cardiovascular Health

The mineral composition of Silver Minerals Plus promotes a healthy cardiovascular system, supporting heart health.*

Aid in Wound Healing

The antimicrobial properties of nano colloidal silver in Silver Minerals Plus can assist in the healing process of wounds and minor skin irritations. *

Support Overall Vitality

Feel the transformative power of Silver Minerals Plus as it nourishes your body with essential minerals and amino acids, supporting your overall vitality and well-being.*

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I’d like to discontinue auto ship.


I like the combination.

Cindy Thompson
77going strong

Now I’m getting the minerals plus silver. I can see the difference in my skin.

Jodee Bolli
Best Silver!

This is the best silver I have ever used! I use it topically to clear up my skin rashes and it works better than anything else I have used. It also helps with my sinus infections. I always make sure I have an extra bottle around.


I would tell others about it.

* Keep in mind that these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and our product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.